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Taking Bold Action to Lift Abortion Coverage Bans: States and Cities Lead the Way

Nestled in the Appalachian mountains, Charleston, West Virginia wouldn’t at first glance seem to have much in common with Cerritos College, a predominantly Latino community college with its campus in Los Angeles...

Youth Activism for Sex Education

As educators, advocates, and allies of sexual health, we often ask ourselves why we are still having conversations about the implementation and support of comprehensive sexuality education for young people across the nation.

Following Governor Perry’s Lead

Over the course of several months, the North Carolina House of Representatives has launched a series of attacks on a woman’s right to choose, passing several bills that seek to limit access to abortion.

Medication Abortion Restrictions Hurt My Patients

As a practicing physician in St. Louis, Missouri, I provide comprehensive reproductive care to my patients.

My Abortion, My Activism: The Impact of Stigma

Like all of our clients at the Georgia Reproductive Justice Access Network (GRJAN), Jane* called us in desperation. She had become pregnant after her birth control failed, and she simply couldn't afford another child.

What Montana Teens Really Need

LR120's language would lead Montanans to believe that hoards of young women are rushing to clinics in an effort to end secret pregnancies. This depiction couldn't be further from the truth.

Women's Health Coverage Under Attack in Florida

We're in the heat of battle in Florida as we fight Amendment 6, which was referred by the Florida Legislature to the November 6th general election ballot.

A Texas-Sized Disaster

Here in Texas, Latinas and African American women fare worse than their Caucasian counterparts on almost every measure of wellness.

Unscientific Method: The Akin Argument in Legislating Women's Health

The recent comment by Representative Todd Akin (R-MO), that women don't get pregnant from "legitimate" rape because "the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down" provoked an unusual outcry.

Still Fighting for the Women of Mississippi

Last year, Mississippi forced me to become a political activist.

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